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Database search tips

Search marriage records: The records of all the parishes of the Archipelago of Madeira are available until 1911. Total: 166,585 records. Search

Search baptismal records: All the baptismal records (1860 to 1911) , from all parishes of Madeira Archipelago, are available on line, except the following parishes: Porto da Cruz, Curral das Freiras, Santa Cruz, São Roque do Faial and Sé. Total: 235.202 records.The parishes of Gaula, Câmara de Lobos, Ponta do Pargo, Boaventura, Caniço, São Jorge, São Vicente, Camacha, Machico, Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar are stillincomplete andtheirnormalization is being done. Search
Note: These recent records have not been checked yet. Nevertheless, ARM’s aim is to make them available as soon as possible due to our costumers needs and requests. In case you detect any errors, please inform us by e-mail: elsaandrade@arquivo-madeira.org.

Search  judicial proceedings:
Madeira Regional Archives has enlarged its databases with judicial proceedings which include 26 869 crime and civil suits (with obligatory inventory records) from 1688 until 2001. Search

Search passport records: The records from 1872 to 1910 are available.

Search bibliographies
:  Monographs of the support Library of the Madeira Regional Archives (ARM) and analytical records of the regional press are available. Total: 14.291 records. Search

Projects search/public works proceedings from 1861 until 1994 (mainly the period which includes 1861 until 1976): this data is available for proceedings registered by the Public Works’ Regional Direction of the Civil Administration of Funchal’s District, from 1861 until 1990. It is possible to go through 4112 proceedings. Search

Search for proceedings concerning liquidation of Succession and donations’ taxes:
proceedings between 1860 and 1975 recorded by the 1st Treasury in Funchal. There is a total of 19.359 records. The access to records of proceedings after 1935 are regulated by the terms of the law, especially the 17th  article of the Rule of Action number 16/93, established in the 23rd January ( General Regimen of Archives and Archivist Property). Search

: Database of archival descriptions ARM Digital

1. The names were subject to orthographic normalisation;
2. Nicknames are marked by "...", and appear in lists after all other homonyms.
3. When searching databases, fill in as many criteria as possible to reduce the search time and obtain a more precise result.

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1. Applications for reproduction of parishes or conservatory records are limited to a maximum of 30 records per request, with an interval of 5 days between each application.
2. If you have problems searching our Databases contact us 

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